You can now join one of our most experienced pilots for an introduction of the sport in a tandem paraglider flight. An experience of a lifetime!


Want to know why birds sing?


Book a flight today and find the answer!





Opptrekk.no assists with arranging courses for clubs and individual members. All activity is arranged by a paraglider assosiation. Courses that the paraglider assosiatiosn can provide you with the help of a towing boat are:


  • Towing Course
  • Safety Course
  • Acro Course
  • D-Bag Course
  • Tandem course
  • Winch Operator




Please contact us for questions regarding:



  • Training on winch device
  • Security Question rearding towing
  • Equipment in use in towing
  • Trial towing
  • Club night
  • Events
  • Competitions
  • Courses



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