Opptrekk.no is website set out to be a center of information and contact regarding towing of paragliders and hang-gliders in Norway. The center is owned and operated on ideal basis. The activity is subject to Norwegian Air Sports Federation (NLF) and run by paraglider assosiation. All paragliding, hang-gliding and towing activity is subject to the paraglider section security system. The towin boat is owned, maintained and paid for by a private owner and rented out to sporting assosiations and members for activity and external events. The activity is done by volunteers and rent paid to cover repayment of equipment, materials, current expenses and operations.


Opptrekk.no wishes to contribute to increased safety, competence, development and activity nationwide regarding winching and towing of hang and paragliders on water and over land. It is by Iver Heier prepared a compendium (paragliding) for training in towing which can be downloaded (only in Norwegian).


According to our philosophy all equipment should belong to the paraglider assosiation and historicaly the assosiation first got the opportunity to buy and own the towing boat. The assosiations do not want to own expensive equipment based on a recognition that their equipment deteriorate quickly. This is a fact and fully intelligible to all parties. Although the concept is in private ownership it's still our philosophy that the boat belongs to the paraglider and hang-glider environment. It is built by and for this environment and are used only there. It is used not privately.


It is on the basis of this philosophy that assosiations and members of air sports federation should be agreed to pay the ongoing expenses to keep the boat in operation from year to year, but they should not be repaying boat purchase and impairment. This payment has private owner "laid out" on behalf of the environment and should be repaid to the owner through 3djeparties and voluntary work. Repayment occurs through pasasjerer that rents equipment to fly tandem or sponsors who place guaranteed price at competitions. Without this support and without this voluntary work of tandem pilots the concept would not have been possible to continue.


The boat is therefor rented out to competitions and training throughout southeast part of Norway and offeres tandem paragliding with towingboat. All organized by paraglider assosiations. It is used only very experienced pilots at tandem paragliding. In addition, the owner of the towing boat and this website, Iver Th. Heier is himself a tandem pilot, paraglider instructor, winch operator and winch operator instructor with experience also with powered paragliding and trike.


The boat is a Buster XL with Suzuki 140HP. Thedrum on the winch has 1700 m line and is strong enough to tow up PG, PG tandem, HG og HG tandem.


The record with this boat was set in 2008 with a towing hight of 1400m asl!


Since June 2013 the boat has only one private owner. It is a member of DROP with his proffesional towing boat offers a unique concept. The boat can take you up to 1000 - 1300 meters without problems. Opptrekk.no welcome you to a new season. The season lasts from April 15 to 15 October.


Paraglide Associations can offer towing and courses in more central areas of eastern Norway, more specifically Drammensfjorden, as well as courses and events around the country. We can offer towing and tandem paragliding, only 40 minutes by car / train from Oslo S.


You no longer need to wait for the big SIV courses. With our towing boat we focus on quality and getting fewer pilots pr. courses. Theory and structure of the courses are of very high standard. We want you to gain confidence in the equipment you use.


Come to us and get a course that is fast, fun and educational. Or we can come to you. With the towing boat we guarantee you an effective and great course. With the towing boat the assosiations that focus on safety and security can provide you:


  • Towing Course
  • Safety Course
  • Acro Course
  • Acro training
  • D-Bag Course
  • Tandem Course
  • Winch operator Course


Updated February 2015


History 2008-20015

Below is the short history from the time opptrekk.no was bought in 2008, moved from Mjøsa in Gjøvik to the Oslo fjord and until today.

  • 2008 - 2 members from OPK started a company and bought the concept "opptrekk.no". All equipment owned by the company, rented out to members and activity run by paraglider assosiation.
  • 2009 - Spring was used to initiating owners who then put the boat in operation at the area around Malmøykalven.
  • 2010 - A law against paragliding at Møykalven, operations moved to Kråkholmen Asker with a fixed Marina on Blakstad.
  • 2011 - One party selling out to a new co.
  • 2012 - The company is closed down and all equipment transferred to co-owners in a condominium.
  • 2013 - Condominium concluded by Iver Heier buying out the otyher partner and operates the concept alone.


Below you find some facts about the boat, the equipment, towing and specifications

  • Buster XL mod. 2006
  • Suzuki DF 140 HP outboard
  • Equipped with a special speed steel propeller
  • Max speed 40 knots
  • Equipped with hydraulic payout winch
  • 1700m line can tow to 1300m
  • Towing takes 8-10 min
  • The aggregate coils the line in 2-3 min with 70 km/h
  • Boat equipped with Coastkey


The boat is not for free and need financial support and have to operate as often as possible.

  • The cost of the concept until now is NOK 550,000,-
  • Annual expenditure of NOK 25,000,-
  • Commercial operation is illegal
  • Operation depending on tandem paragliding and sponsorship
  • Financial liability falls on private owner

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