Calender 2015



15. April - The boat is placed on the water. The activities this year will take place on permanent location, Asker (Kråkholmen - Oslofjord).

Look at the calender above for weekends open for towing. Evenings also possible during working days. Contact with agreement must be submitted for all activities.

8-10.May - DropDown2015 in Drammen,Courses: OTP/SIV/Akro (Instructors: Iver Heier & Josten Øysæd),

For registration, please contact Drammen and Omegn Paragliderklubb

5-7.June - SIV in Brumunddal on Mjøsa, provider: Hedmarken Luftsportklubb, Courses: SIV/Akro/siv-light (Instructors: Iver Heier & Lasse Store). For registration, please contact Hedmarken Luftsportklubb on email

20-28.June - Ekstremsportveko in Voss, Competition and free-fly, Towing provider: Voss Hang and Paragliderklubb

17-26.July - Gamaveka in Bygland, provider: Sørlandets Paragliderklubb, Courses: OTP/SIV/siv-light/Acro, Competition: NM Acro (Instructors: Iver Heier & Arvid haaland), For registration, please contact: Here

3-5.August - Fritt Element in Selbu, Courses: OTP/SIV/Acro, Competition: NC Acro (Instructors: Iver Heier & Lars Gjelten)

Course Requirements:

OTP (Towing Course) - PP2, theory (no test), 10 approved towings

SIV (Safety course) - PP3, theory, practical exercises will take place above water with rescue parachute and flotation

APG (Acro course) - PP5, theory and practical exercises above water with rescue parachute and flotation

D-Bag (Drop course) - APG, packing of D-Bag, theory an drop from Tandem paraglider


SIV - Safety course, a requirement of passing the course to get PP4

SIV-Light - This is an offer to PP2 pilots during SIV course. SIV-Light is not a safety course but an opportunity for our students (PP2) to participate in the theory and do simple exercises under safe conditions (360 and spiral dive) supervised and guided over radio by PIS.

APG - Pilot with akro license

PIS - Safety course instructor

PIA - Akro instructor

PIO - Towing instructor


Phone list:

Iver Heier (PIO/PIT) +47 99635397

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