All courses listed on this website are offered by DROP and other paraglider assosiations and according to the Security System of NLF. On this website you will find an overview of theory, requirements for pilots, equipment rental and rental rates. informs only about the possibilities and can be assisting in facilitating courses that it is common and possible to arrange with a towing boat.

Organisers and Associations get special prices!


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Overview of available courses

  • OTP - Towing
  • SIV - Safety course (paraglider)
  • APG - Akro
  • D-Bag - (require APG)
  • TP - Tandem paraglider
  • WINCH LINE - splice (video instruksion)


Discount is given by kr. 1000 - if SIV or Akro courses taken in combination with OTP!

Price / towing: Solopilot kr.350, - Tandempilot kr. 650 -

OTP and OTP Tandem can also be taken in combination


Towing Course - OTP (NOK 3000, -)

Require PP2. This course gives you a license for towing (OTP). With certified instructor present anyone can make a trial towing. If instructor is not present, you must have a license to be able to fly with towing. The course consists of theory according compendium and practice with 10 approved towings. OTP - compendium can be downloaded from the right Columns.


Safety Course - SIV (NOK 3000 -)

Any pilot who want PP4 must pass a safety course. Course participants receive a personal trainer and follow up on all exercises along with guiding on radio (included), theory compendium, 2 towings to 900m asl. You're done in a day. Requirement PP3, rescue parachute and flotation. All exercises occurs above water. Course price is calculated on personal attention, but paraglider assosiations can arrange lokal SIV at lower cost. Please contact us for pricees! SIV - The compendium can be downloaded from the right Columns.


Acro Course - APG (NOK 3300, -)

To obtain a license in aerobatics the pilot must hold PP5. Instructor guides you through theory with a compendium and through exercises on the radio. The course contains 4 towings to 900m asl. It is important to practice basic maneuvers like spiral dive and wingovers before attanding the course. The course consists of a theory part and practical training with special emphasis on the input and output of the exercises. We focus on the equipment and how this is affected. Exercises participant should do are: Spiral dive, wingovers, spinover and Superstall. All exercises have special requirements for the pilot. You only need one day to complete the course. All exercises will be above water and require rescue parachute and flotation. APG - The compendium can be downloaded from the right Columns.


D-Bag Course (please contact us for prices)

If you have a license in aerobatics you can with this course, drop from Tandem paraglider, balloon or a helicopter in D-bag. During the course, your instructor will teache you to pack the D-Bag. Your instructor will be your tandem pilot and will be your supervisor during the drop. License requires one drop. The course includes hire of D-Bag and a tandem /D-Bag towing to 900m asl.


Tandem Course - TP (NOK 1500, -)

If you want to be tandem pilot, the requirement are: PP5, theory course with examination of compendia, passing theory test, five training flights with another pilot (minimum PP4) where two of theese flights must be seen and approved by an instructor. The course includes hire of a tandem paraglider and harnesses. The Tandem License require additional lisence for OTP if you want to be towed in your tandem paraglider. OTP cannot be performed with a passenger during ttrial towing. License can be combined into OTP and tandem courses and discount given to the combination of several courses. Please contact us for prices. TP - The compendium can be downloaded from the right Columns


Splicing Course (0, -)

The winch line is made of a very strong special material (Spectra / Dyneema) with a breaking strength almost similar steel wire, but with a fraction of the weight. Line used for towing is hollow braided (recommend braided with 16 wires) and very easy to splice. Lines becomes worn, and you will eventually experience line breakage due to general wear, high point loads or point of friction. Linen has a high tensile strength (3mm /12 threads /900kg) but tolerates little friction if it is subjected to this at one spesific point. Contact me for more info. The winch line is winched onto a drum and the towing device makes the linen go through one or several pulleys. You can therefore not tie a knot to repair line breakage. The line must be spliced. The splice provides higher tensile strength in the splice. A knot will be the weak link. Below are two simple ways to splice hollow braided winch line:


Winch Operator Course (Please contact for price and appointment)

To become a certified winch operators the requirement is that you have performed and passed only 20 towings successfully. More is not requirde by Norwegian Security System. This sounds simple in theory. Sadly not in real life. A winch operator is in no way neither trained or skilled after 20 towings. Our Security System also don't say anyhing about the types of gliders you have to master. And there is a huge differense between the different type of gliders from the most easy to tow, to the most difficult, and can be described as followed: Tandem Paraglider - Paraglider (EN-A/Lightweight gliders/Freestyle gliders/EN-D) - Acroparaglider - Speed​​glider - Tandem Hangglider - Hangglider (listed in ascending difficulty for a towing boat). For stationary winches it is easier to winch hangliders than paragliders. In principle, one should be checked out with 20 approved towings on each of these catagories but is at present differentiated between paragliders and hanggliders with 20 approved towings of each. The course runs over a longer period of time because it is difficult to get lots of exercise in a short time. Theory is very important also because winch operator handles motorized tools also with a very high economic value. All theory comes from the main focus: Security! Security to the pilot pulled up, other aviation, yourself and others nearby on the ground (traffic and pedestrians).


Courses provided:

With the help of a profesional towing boat or a stationary winch the Paraglider Assosiations can provide you with:

  • Towing Course - OTP
  • Safety Course - SIV
  • Acro Course - APG
  • D-Bag Course
  • Tandem Course - TP
  • Winch Operator


The compendiums below can be downloaded for personal use free of charge: (exist only in Norwegian)



Video instructions shows spleicing of hollow braided towing line:


Videos of Safety Course participants with instructive comments:





D-Bag drop and instructive video in how to pack your D-Bag



There are many videos of the subjects. Search for more on the internett. Here is a few:





A couple of tearsers showing towing of paragliders and hanggliders


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