You can now without any experience in airsport join one of our experienced tandem paraglider pilots and experience an introduction to the sport as a passenger. Organized dy DROP and one of it's members professional towingboat, we can give you a flight and a full experience of almost one thousand meters above sea level in an area that otherwise has only 300m high mountain.


Fly for free!

We love to fly, and are happy to share our enthusiasm for the sport and this experience with you. We gladely do this for free, but equipment, boat and operation of this costs and you have to pay rent for the boat (prices is in the right column of this page). This ensures the boat's existence which is used extensively for security work, competitions of aerobatic, courses, training and lots of fun among pilots.


Experience it to see the landscape as birds see it. Feel the excitement and the wind.


Want to know why birds sing?

Contact us and find the answer!


Tandem paragliding

This is one of the best wildlife experience one can get. There is no age limit for this activity.


How do we do this?

We fly in a tandem paraglider and gain hight with the help of a towing boat. This should not be compared with parasailing which is a round parachute that is constantly pulled by a boat in max 150m altitude. We can guarantee a 100% better experience with tandem paragliding. We use a normal paraglider and a custom-built boat with a winch. The boat has a line 1700 m long.

We stand on shore with the line connected to our harness. The boat sets of and after a few seconds, we are in the air. When the boat is running, it emits little line all the time so that we will gain hight. When we are in the height we want, the pilot releases the line and you fly freely like a normal paraglider from the mountain.


This method is the safest way to fly tandem paraglider and you are flying above water with an experienced pilot. When booking, you are helping and supporting the paraglider environment to continue to have an available towing boat in use for courses, training, competitions and other activities. The actual flight is done voluntarily by the pilot and is FREE of carge! You pay for boat rental, equipment and expenses. Benefits of the towing boat are numerous:


  • Quick handling and low latency
  • Guarantee on "time in the air" or a new flight !!!
  • No carrying, walking and waiting on conditions in the mountains
  • Flight up and down
  • Flight to 900m asl
  • Less weather dependent and airtime of 20 minutes even in zero wind
  • Gliding in laminar wind with the ability to "control the paraglider yourself"
  • Good security level with opportunities to do maneuvers only possible in a paraglider


Imagine the view and the experience you get ...... Book a tandem flight today!

Pictures & Videos


Tandem paragliding as a gift:

  • To someone you will surprise
  • Winner in bachelorette party
  • Ultimate gift
  • Celebrating he who "has everything"
  • Surprising your coworkers
  • To those who seek excitement and adventure
  • To a loved one

Boat and eqipment cost!

The actual flight is for FREE!!!

So what do I pay for?

You pay for:

  • Expences
  • Boat rental and special equipment


In addition you get:

  • Theory about paragliding
  • Briefing about the flight
  • Insurance included
  • A magnificent flight
  • Guarantee of 20 min flight
  • An experience of a lifetime




The offer is not commercially and are given by by the paraglider assosiation with members in voluntary work without without pay. Prices is without VAT and other taxes.

Regular price for an introduction to paragliding in tandem are:

NOK 2000,-


Bachelor party


Tandem paragliding with the towing boat is very well suited as an event in a Bachelor party. We offer a package deal including video and boat transport for the whole group. water sports can also be arranged.

Price: NOK 3000,-



Discounts are given to groups and on purchases of several flights the same day.

Price: NOK 1500,- (from flight nb.2)



You can take pictures or film movies with your own equipment during the event. Remember that the activity is conducted above water and do not recommend to bring equipment during flight that can be damaged. You are fully responsibility for your own equipment. We therefore offer video with waterproof actioncam in HD quality. You get the video on the spot on SD memory card. See examples of videos below.

Price: NOK 500,- (inkl. SD card)

Water sports

Activities with introduction in tandem paraglider combined with water sports can be arranged by appointment the same day. Water sport activities that can be arranged are waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubes.

Price: NOK 500,- /30min.


Contact us for questions regarding spesial offers, discounts, filming or package deals.


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